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    This is a repost from our old forum:


    hi i am using Grain plane and TT and i cannot seem to get it to load samples properly. I drag the folder to the drop file location and the list populates under each waveform and i can pull down and select a sample name but the waveform does not update in the buffer window, nor the main Grain Plane view window. Maybe it’s the format of the wavs/aiffs i am using? what is the preferred format?

    The max window say buffer~: cannot open parser for this file. Does it need mono files?

    ANSWER: Grain Plane does not like 24-bit samples. I have a shit ton of samples from Samplephonics i want to use, can you all perhaps add this format? I converted one form 24 bit to 16 and it works fine. Thanks

    Hey Shreeswifty. Thanks for posting your questions and subsequent answer.

    First could I ask you to list what version of Grain Plane you’re using, your OS and computer specs.

    I can successfully use 16-bit and 24-bit samples, both mono and stereo without any issues.

    Are you able to host an example file in question so that I can test on my end to attempt to replicate the issues you’re having?

    How large in MB are the files in question?


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