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Output value settings

Output values are the data that Tekh Tonic generates and sends out via OSC and MIDI. Output values work by taking in a raw value and then normalizing it to a range of 0 – 1. This makes the data generic enough that it can be interpreted by a host of other applications.

output value

Reset – Resets the value to it’s default properties.

Raw value range [ Min / Max ] –  This is the range to which the value is normalized. For example if we were to take an angle anywhere between 0 and 360 degrees and we normalized the value of 90 degrees to that range, we would get .25.



Send – Toggles the sending of OSC messages for this value

Invert – Inverts the normalized OSC value * ?? perhaps needs to be overall with midi as well

Center at 0 – This will remap the normalized value so that .5 is 0, -1 to 1 and 1 to 1 * no idea how to explain this in english without lolling it up

Output Raw – If toggled, this will output the raw unnormalized value.

Address – Sets the OSC output address



Send – If toggled, this value will send out a MIDI CC value

Stats – displays the live values


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