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Get Comfortable


Because you’ll be using Tekh Tonic with your hand raised over the Leap Motion Controller, you’ll want to make sure your interaction space is set up so that it’s comfortable to use. To help you do this, we’ve created some options that let you tweak the useable space over the Leap Motion Controller.


Open the Options menu and select Controllers.




In the Controllers menu, you can not only select which controller is active, but you can also tune the Input Settings to suit your use style.




Changing the Input Scaler option is like changing your mouse speed; it determines how far you have to move your hand to move across the screen in Tekh Tonic. Increase this to make Tekh Tonic more sensitive to your hands movements.


Y Offset adjusts the height of your input, where Z Offset adjusts the depth of your input.


Play with these three settings to create a comfortable area for you to work in.


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