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OSC is Tekh Tonic’s primary method of output. It has a number of benefits over MIDI including far great resolution, it uses a convenient addressing system, and allows control data to be sent over networks. It’s for these reasons that we’ve made OSC our preferred method of control data transmission.

Open up the Options menu from the Quick Menu in the top right corner of the screen and click on OSC Settings.

OSC Settings

The OSC Receive section displays your computer’s IP address and the port number that Tekh Tonic is currently listening on. You can change the port number in the text box to the right. You may need to change this if another program running on your computer is also listening on this port, as only one program may listen to a given port at any one time.

The OSC Send List displays all of the locations that OSC control data is currently being sent out to. This again includes the IP and port of each OSC output. You may remove OSC outputs by clicking on the “-” button next to the output entry. It’s also possible to mute all OSC from being sent out by checking the “mute” check box.

To add new OSC outputs, simply enter the IP and port of the computer/program that you’d like to send OSC to, and click the “+”.
At the bottom of the OSC Settings menu is the “OSC Output” display. This shows a list of all the OSC messages that have been sent out of Tekh Tonic since the it has been opened.

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