Tekh Tonic Manual


In addition to OSC, Tekh Tonic also allows traditional MIDI output.

Open the Options menu from the Quick Menu and select “MIDI Settings”, opening the MIDI Settings window.


By default, MIDI output is turned off. Switch it back on by simply checking the “Enable MIDI Output” option.

Simply select the MIDI Output Device you wish to use from the list and use the Output Channel slider to select which port to send the MIDI to.

Because Tekh Tonic “triggers” notes in abstracted ways that may or may not have definitive “off” moments ( such as a ball striking a surface ), we have a “Note Duration” setting which allows you to adjust how long a note is active before it sends a “note off” message. This is simply to comply with basic MIDI conventions, as all notes require an “off”.

You can now use Tekh Tonic as a MIDI controller!


MIDI routing in Windows

MIDI routing in OS X

Windows doesn’t have any internal MIDI routing systems by default, so you’ll need 3-party software to do so. Thankfully, there are a number of free solutions:


In OS X, you can route MIDI internally by default:


  1. Go to your Audio/MIDI Setup Utility and enable the IAC Bus.
  2. The bus will now show up as any other MIDI device
  3. Select the IAC Bus as your send device in Tekh Tonic and the receive device in your audio software.

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