Tekh Tonic / Tekh Map preview – “Fling” instrument


This is a preview video demonstrating an application of using Tekh Tonic’s “Fling” instrument to trigger drum sounds in Ableton Live.

In this video I use the “Fling” instrument in Tekh Tonic to send out triggers from the ball collisions as OSC. Within Ableton Live, I have our Tekh Map devices ( Max For Live ) receiving the OSC data and generates MIDI notes from the collision data. This forms a very unique method of creating drum patterns and rolls. Later in the video I use quantisation on the note generation, effectively allowing easy jamming alongside other timed/quantised instruments.


Tekh Tonic alpha "Fling" instrument demo

In both the ‘Bounce’ and ‘Fling’ instruments, the wall surfaces can be split up into sections that output notes to play melodies and drum rolls.



Tekh Tonic is a totally unique OSC / MIDI controller that uses the Leap Motion input device. By manipulating the 3D visual instruments with your gesture, Tekh Tonic generates OSC and MIDI data to control your music, visual or interactive software in completely novel ways.


Tekh Map is a set of Max For Live devices giving users the power and flexibility of OSC in Ableton Live. It gives quick and easy OSC control over any mappable parameter Live, can generate MIDI notes, and output analysis data as OSC to other devices.