Workshop projects and assets

Example projects and assets to help you get started creating your own digital works.


Unity workshop project

This is a sample Unity project full of free assets, scripts and example scenes that show you how Unity can be used with our other software. This project is designed to work with the free version of Unity.

You can download the free version of Unity here.


Current build: v1.1  Date: 09/10/2014

Download “Unity workshop project” ET_Unity_WorkshopProject_001.rar – Downloaded 1751 times – 2 MB

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Added content

  • Unity OSC. Include an implementation of Unity OSC along with some custom OSC listener code to get you started with Unity and OSC.
  • Tekh Tonic sample scene. A simple scene that helps you get started with using the control inputs from Tekh Tonic.
  • Procedural rope/snake. Scripts and example objects to show you how to make a procedural rope or snake like object.