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Output Manager

The output manager shows a list of all the currently used output values. From here you can select a value for an in-depth configuration or customize a reduced set of properties right inside the output manager.

Output manager

From here you can configure the following properties.

OSC Toggle –  Toggles the OSC sending out on or off

OSC Address – Sets the OSC address that the value sends out to

MIDI CC Toggle – Toggles the MIDI CC sending out on or off

MIDI CC Index – Sets the MIDI CC index that the value sends to

Solo –  Sets this value to Solo, meaning it is the only value that will output over OSC and MIDI. Solo allows you test a single output at once and is helpful in debugging control mappings.

Mute – Mute stops the value from outputting OSC or MIDI

For more in depth control of the output values, click on the values name.


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