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Zenith gives you a disc like controller that is split into multiple notes. This allows you to jump between different note selections easily. Zenith also gives you and extra output value based around the radius from the centre of the disc allowing for extra manipulation of the played notes.


Controller settings

A list of the settings tht can be modified to change the behavior of the controller. These values get stored when you save a preset.

Value name Description
Dead zone Sets the size of the area in the center in which you cannot select a note
Note on pinch Determines whether you have to pinch to select a note or not

Note generation

The method by which this controller generates note output.

Note Velocity
On selection of new section Full

Output values

Listed below are all the values that output from this controller and their default values.

Name Description OSC Address Data type MIDI CC
Radius The hands radius from the center /tekhtonic/zenith/radius [0-1] Float 18
Angle The angle of the hand from the bottom of the circle /tekhtonic/zenith/angle [0-1] Float 19


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