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Morph is a truly unique controller. It is easiest to think of it as an array of springs that can be pulled up and let go to spring back into place. Morph outputs the full array of spring data producing a 2D array of values with springy and wavy qualities. Morph has been designed in conjunction with a companion app Grain Plane, which uses this unique data set to control a custom-built granular synthesizer. More information on Grain Plane coming soon.


Controller settings

A list of the settings tht can be modified to change the behavior of the controller. These values get stored when you save a preset.

Value name Description
Grid resolution The number of rows and columns in the grid
Springiness Strength of the springs
Damping Amount the springs lose speed over time
Max spring length The length at which the full force of the spring is applied
Effect radius min The minimum radius in which your pinch grabs springs
Effect radius max The maximum radius in which your pinch grabs springs
Send OSC array Toggles the sending of all the array data out on or off
Send array as speed Toggles the sending of all the array data as speed of length change rather than lengths
Hold Holds the grid in its current position
Reset Resets the spring lengths all back to 0

Note generation

The method by which this controller generates note output.

Note Velocity
None None

Output values

Listed below are all the values that output from this controller and their default values.

Name Description OSC Address Data type MIDI CC
Average Average length of all springs /tekhtonic/morph/average [0-1] Float 10
Hover The length of the spring you are hovering your hand over /tekhtonic/morph/hover/length [0-1] Float 11
Selected The length of the spring you last selected /tekhtonic/morph/selected [0-1] Float 12
Morph Array The full array of spring lengths. Array length is grid resolution squared /tekhtonic/morph/array [0-1] Float array
Morph Hover The index values of the current hover spring. /tekhtonic/morph/hover [0-1] Float array


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