Tekh Tonic Manual



The hand controller gives you a direct one to one control over the output data. Hand data comes from the hand positions and rotation. This allows you to precisely control 5 values simultaneously.



Controller settings

A list of the settings tht can be modified to change the behavior of the controller. These values get stored when you save a preset.

Value name Description
Enable note on pinch Toggles the ability to output a note while pinching
Pinch note dead zone Adjusts the note trigger dead zone. If you increase it the dead zone it pushes it back further into the distance



Note generation

The method by which this controller generates note output.

Note Velocity
Hand position along note axis Full


Output values

Listed below are all the values that output from this controller and their default values.

Name Description OSC Address Data type MIDI CC
Hand X Hand X axis position /tekhtonic/hand/pos/x [0-1] Float 0
Hand Y Hand Y axis position /tekhtonic/hand/pos/y [0-1] Float 1
Hand Z Hand Z axis position /tekhtonic/hand/pos/z [0-1] Float 2
Roll Hand rotation about Z axis /tekhtonic/hand/roll [0-1] Float 3
Pitch Hand rotation about X axis /tekhtonic/hand/pitch [0-1] Float 4
Speed Hand movement speed /tekhtonic/hand/speed [0-1] Float 5

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