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Bounce is based on a physics simulation of balls bouncing around in the 3D space. The way the balls bounce off the walls and collide with one another in conjunction with the many physics settings allows you to explore interesting emergent patterns.


Controller settings

A list of the settings tht can be modified to change the behavior of the controller. These values get stored when you save a preset.

Value name Description
Gravity Strength of the gravity on the balls
Drag The amount the balls slow down over time
Bounciness Determines how much the balls will bounce when they collide
Max ball count Maximum amount of balls that can exist at a time
Ball collisions Determines if balls will collide or pass through one another
Infinite Bounces If set to true balls will bounce forever
Bounces The number of bounces a ball can make before it disappears
Reset Destroys all balls

Note generation

The method by which this controller generates note output.

Note Velocity
On wall collision Derived from wall collision velocity

Output values

Listed below are all the values that output from this controller and their default values.

Name Description OSC Address Data type MIDI CC
Av Speed Average speed of all the balls /tekhtonic/bounce/avspeed [0-1] Float 13
Ball Spd Speed of the last ball thrown /tekhtonic/bounce/ball/speed [0-1] Float 14
Ball X X positions of the last thrown ball /tekhtonic/bounce/ball/pos/x  [0-1] Float 15
Ball Y Y positions of the last thrown ball /tekhtonic/bounce/ball/pos/y  [0-1] Float 16
Ball Z Z positions of the last thrown ball /tekhtonic/bounce/ball/pos/z  [0-1] Float 17

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