Gravitate @ Pausefest 2014

2-player, motion-capture music/visual installation

2 Player Motion Capture

Gravitate uses Microsoft’s Kinect camera to track 2 users in 3D space, placing them in control of a digital world of music and abstract visuals.

Interactive Music System

We built a dynamic music system that matches the intensity of the user’s performance.

Audio Reactive Visuals

Objects pulsing and writhing to create the abstract, visual landscape in perfect harmony with the music.

  • 2-­player, motion­capture interaction allows 2 people to jam together ( for instance, one plays drums and the other plays melody ).
  • 17 minutes of music over 5 musical pieces, with each track seamlessly progressing to the next.
  • Intuitive interaction, yet the instruments are expressive enough for unique play.
  • A dynamically­layered backing track system fills out the song as player’s interaction increases.
  • As the pieces progress, the users are taken through an abstract digital landscape, with audio­reactive elements that causes the world to pulse to the user’s beat.
  • ( Optional ) Gravitate includes 2 hexagonal bases for the users to stand on. Each base provides visual feedback by way of coloured LED lighting and haptic feedback from a transducer. The feedback is triggered in time to the users interactions.

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