Cebit 2013 opening performance

Rocking out with gesture controlled audio visual instruments.


Ethno Tekh Cebit 2013 003


Motion controlled audio visual performance

[ CeBit,  Hanover, Germany  March, 2013 ]


We were asked by Insgluck to join them in producing the stage performance for CeBit’s opening event.

Visually, we used a combination of our own generative content, derived from both the motion capture and audio analysis data, with pre-rendered content supplied by our clients.

Musically, Chris performed using a number of Kinect-controlled instruments over a backing-track composed by him. The final track was made by Chris combining an original base-track, with 4 remixed versions by very talented music artists, Sourone, Fidelium, Tim McMillan and Elise Richards.


  • Brad Hammond

Interactive audio systems / lead music production / performance

  • Chris Vik

Client / pre-rendered video content

  • Insgluck

Music production

  • Sourone
  • Fidelium
  • Tim McMillan
  • Elise Richards